If you are an artisan, musician and you make your own products be it arts, craft, candles, perfumes, make-up, soaps, clothes or you up-cycle and repurpose unwanted items then you are perfect for EarthFest.

We have opportunity for 100 exhibits and all proceeds go towards helping the locals in this time of need. Conditions are catastrophic, families are losing loved ones to suicide, businesses are going under and the livelihoods of so many are in turmoil because of the suffering this disaster has caused.

When you choose to exhibit at EarthFest you will be given a boost to Brand Awareness through social media, with posts and editorial. This takes your business to the next level and you gain valuable awareness and recognition with the community and the industry.

In addition to building your brand with customers and visitors, you and your business will flourish in an environment that allows you to mingle with other like minded businesses.

Gain life long customers and build a larger audience with exposure to 1000’s at the event.

As an exhibitor to EarthFest you will receive complimentary online digital promotions through our platforms which is nearly 20,000 strong, boosting your business both offline and online.

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